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Getting Car Insurance

There is a lot to consider when you are shopping for car insurance.

Many variables will affect your rates, including driving history, age, driving courses, coverage limits, and the state you live in.

It is not unusual for one carrier to have several options and prices. Our licensed agents are able to shop for the absolute best rates for the coverages you need.

We will be sure you fully understand your options and make an educated decision about the available options.

As independent agents, we can turn to many carriers to identify your best coverage and your best rates.

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Boat Protector Coverages

Boat and Personal Watercraft Policies offer protection for your boat, boating equipment, and accessories. 

For everything from recreational power boats to single-user jet skis, you want to be sure you are adequately covered for any property damage or injuries caused by your watercraft. 

Motorcycle Insurance

Rely on our experienced staff to recommend the most affordable motorcycle insurance providers.


Along with multi-policy discounts,

there are benefits for USAA membership

and Harley Owners Group members. Responsible driver discounts also apply to motorcycle insurance. 

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during business hours, M-F 9am - 5pm.

Homeowners & Renter's Insurance

Not all insurers offer the same homeowner's insurance options, but with the rising construction costs of late, it is worth your time to find the right insurance for your property. 

Whether you need to satisfy a lender's insurance requirements or are protecting your expensive electronics in a rental unit, your needs are going to be different. Fortunately, homeowner's insurance in Pennsylvania is below the national average.

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during business hours, M-F 9am - 5pm.

Classic Car Insurance

We represent carriers that specialize in classic car insurance and collectors can save by using these companies.


A classic car, in most cases, is at least 20 years old but not more than 40 years old. If you are going to register it (and insure it) as a classic, it should have been kept to its original design and specifications. 

Life Insurance

Protecting your loved ones with financial security in times of unexpected loss is something we all want. Knowing which type of life insurance and calculating your policy coverage details can be complex. 

Trust the life insurance experts at Cooke Insurance Agency to help you understand the different types of life insurance, whether term, universal or whole life, and the amount of coverage that fits your individual needs. 

Off-Road Vehicle Coverages, including:
ATVs (standard, sport & utility),
Snowmobiles, Dirt Bikes, Dune Buggies, Golf Carts, RVs (Campers, Popups, motorhomes)

Pennsylvania State Law states that all vehicles that are registered in your name are required to be covered by insurance. 

We provide insurance coverage for your off-road vehicles that gives you peace of mind. Insurance is required for vehicles operated on state-owned land.

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during business hours, M-F 9am - 5pm.

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